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April 2018

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March 2018

Girl Power, Violins and that 6:15am Robe Life

– by Rebekah Abdeen | Head of Cycle at Core Collective and Founder of We are 5

I’m all about a structured morning routine, so it’s 5:30AM and alarm 1 of 3 rings around my bedroom. I actually set the 1st of my alarms on the Sonos speaker and wake up to the track ‘La Ritournelle’ by ‘Sebastien Tellier’, miraculously the sound of a strong piano and multiple violins at some ungodly hour makes for a day of mystical proportions. By the time wake-up call number 2 rings out, which is usually the metallic tones of Apple, my dog is now trotting directly toward my face and at least one of my limbs is dangling out from the duvet. I generally feel alive if I jump in the shower, this doesn’t necessarily mean a hair wash takes place at 5:45AM unless I’m required to be in front of a camera that day but since I’ll be sweating out my entire body weight in a couple of hours, who even cares?!

A good lather up in Aesop Geranium Leaf body cleanser gives me just enough spa vibes to balance my soul; my face however is what requires the most attention. After a solid cleanse and tone, I systematically apply La Mer Gel Cream, though I intermittently switch to Creme de la Mer depending on the severity of my skin struggles – La Mer has definitely become my go to over the past 12 months. I top this with Kiehl’s Avocado eye cream and Nars Radiance Primer, it’s now 6AM, I’m finally glowing and SPF protected. At 6:15AM, Yorkshire Tea in hand, I’m ready to clothe myself, though at this stage of the morning, the relationship with my Soho House robe seems far too intimate to replace.



Despite having worked in the fitness industry for 10 years, my style is definitely not what most would consider “fitness”, I’m a true tomboy and a dedicated follower of fashion. Generally I’ll go for something P.E Nation, a brand I’m currently obsessed with; the founders Pip and Claire are the embodiment of girl-power! I’ll likely team it with Perfect Moment, they have some great activewear pieces along with their impressive ski collection – I always like to mix and match my look. If it’s not raining I’ll throw on my Louis Vuitton Arch Lights (a recent investment), otherwise it’s classic Air Max ’97 and off I got to Core Collective, armed with a banana.

Once I’m at work the morning fuel takes place, and by 6:45AM my body is in need of a Press London Immunity Shot; lemon, ginger, garlic and cayenne pepper save me every day – I’m convinced this is the magic solution to virus fighting. I then follow up, depending on my mood with a small bowl of coconut porridge, coconut cappuccino and drop 2 Phizz tablets into my water.


Various other Cycle tasks along with playlist adjustments for my morning classes commence at 7:15AM and as early as 8:30AM, the first dedicated Core Collective Cycle fans are on the hustle for their ‘Front Row’ bikes; there is still an entire hour before my first class begins! My hair goes up into a trademark high plait, I switch my sneakers for cleated shoes – it’s go time.

For more information on Rebekah Abdeen visit her Website and Instagram.

All photos by the amazing photographer Sara Mc Kinnon

For more information on classes at core visit



February 2018



This week I am SUPER excited to announce that I’m starting an interview section on my blog. The subject matter #womenwhorock will be Q&A’s with some of the most fantastic females I come across in my work and daily life plus those women who inspire me. All these women have a story to tell and I am honoured that they can share information and knowledge on this site. Hopefully you can learn from them and about them.

This new section on the blog is inspired by my late grandmother, who used to instil in me the importance of women in the work place. An absolute zeitgeist for her generation, she knew a thing or two about women who rocked. She worked as a teacher and owned a school way before equality was even a thing! She really was one of the first Girl Bosses out there. I learnt so much from the knowledge she passed down to me. She used to instil in me every day she was alive how important it was for women to work, hold their own financially and still keep their femininity. Hard work was the key to everything. Granny was years ahead of #metoo and #timesup, she really was her own movement. Still to this day I am inspired by her ethos.

First up is Fashionista, Lady Melissa Percy who in her thirties, recuperating after her divorce in Thailand came up with the idea to set up Mistamina – a chic affordable country clothing line. The range which is full of bomber jackets, chunky knits and fitted shirts is flying off the shelves. Now Missy, is running a successful brand and is taking the fashion world by storm. Mistamina is growing stronger every season and is a reflection of her love of the country having grown up on the Scottish Borders. Here I catch up with her and ask her about a few of her favourite things…


What would you put on your neon sign?


I would have ‘Just keep swimming’ as it is my favourite quote from the character Dory in the film Finding Nemo!


Won’t leave home without?


My Rayban aviators, my iPhone, and Vaseline cocoa butter in the little brown tin.


Won’t fly without?


My cashmere beanie and socks, headphones, iPad loaded with Peaky Blinders and a good selection of Disney films, Beauty and The Beast is my favourite… the old version. I have a cashmere beanie I bought at Baar & Bass, my socks are from M&S, they are thick and warm. I use any old headphones I can get my hands on. Usually just a small set of Bose ones…


Your perfect Sunday afternoon…


Walk with the dogs, beat my Dad a few times at ping pong or tennis, a long bath filled with Wilberg pine essence in the big green tub, M&S pj’s and a movie snuggled in a bean bag by a roaring fire with a bowl of spaghetti bolognaise and the dogs. We have one Italian Spinoni called Sasha, one Hungarian Vizsla called Uzi and two cocker spaniels called Hector and Alfie.


Things you buy in bulk


Cards, I could spend all day in Scribbler, I have a storage cupboard full of candles. Hair ties are another essential… I’m always running out of them!


Essential beauty product


Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. It’s the fastest healing cream and most moisturising I think. Any cracks or cuts you put it on the night before are gone in the morning.


Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream | Cashmere BeaniePeaky Blinders | Beauty & The Beast | Wilberg Pine Bath Essence | Luxe Hair Ties | Diptyque CandlesM&S Cashmere Socks | Cocoa Butter Vaseline | Scribbler Birthday CardBose Headphones | Rayban’s


January 2018



Having just come back from an epic trip to Los Angeles I am obsessed with all things Californian.  Especially the interiors, the fashion, the juices and of course, the weather  – I literally love everything about LA.

This US brand Tobi is helping keeping my holiday blues at bay as they now ship to the UK. Its an online retail site based in Los Angeles and they are one of the biggest retailers of all things cool and Californian. With an amazing price point and pages that scroll on forever it’s the perfect antidote for me missing Abbot Kinney Boulevard and wishing I was still there shopping.

I’m especially fond of Tobi’s denim collection which is just brilliant and it’s very wearable and they do that ‘off duty’ look so well. Its true when they say ‘ we mix function with style, creating clothes that are cute, sexy, effortlessly cool and comfy’. Their offices don’t looks so bad either and you can take a virtual trip around it by watching the video below.

Right, I’m off to check the post and see if my next Tobi package has arrived – no more winter blues for me with this dropping through my letter box on a regular basis.

Above: Amanda Plaid Shirt, Maverick Chambray Shift Dress, Cross My Mind Plaid Shirt

I’m wearing my Deep End Distressed Sweater in black above.


December 2017

Velveteen Rabbits


So I thought I would write this week about Velvet and just how to wear it. Its seems to be all about velvet and sequins this festive season which is not a bad thing considering they compliment each other exceedingly well. I have always found velvet a little too conservative to wear on its own so adding a splattering of sparkles can only help.

Did you know that stylists are practically banned from dressing models and celebrities in velvet on shoots? The reason why is this rich dark fabric absorbs all of the photographers lights making it a near impossibility to get it looking right on film. The subject just ends up looking like they are wearing a blob! So it’s important to bear this in mind posing in your festive snaps and get around this dilemma by opting for a bright sumptuous velvet. Aqua blue, orange and red are big hitters this Winter and really are are so much more flattering than darker colours – plus they are more on trend, so its a win win.


Sizing is also mega important. Velvet when worn, is not forgiving and has no give in it all, so make sure that you get the appropriate size. You may even need to go up a size which is just annoying but the good part is that at least you will feel comfortable and roomy with more room for that Christmas pudding!

Velvet isn’t madly flattering when worn from head to toe. By this, I mean a long dress, coat or a trouser suit made out of this fabric just doesn’t work unless your 6ft tall. For us smaller mortals its really key to mix and match velvet up. Go for a short mini dress in velvet worn with opaque tights, a mini skirt with a silk blouse, culottes matched with a sequinned top, a velvet blazer worn with leather leggings is also fine.

I love velvet accessories such as bags and shoes, and these you can wear time and time again. If I were you I would go for an accessory this season and keep the togs for another day! Can’t you tell, I just LOVE velvet…. NOT. Mind you, saying that I have an absolute longing to whaft about looking like a stones groupie wearing a long velvet kaftan.  I might just adopt that look for Christmas day! The one I’m wearing above is from Dodo Bar Or. xx

(1) Peter Pilotto Dress, £1,047 (2) Marc Jacobs Mini Dress, £469 (3) Muzungu Sisters Kaftan, £936 (4) Saint Laurent Clutch, £850 (5) Balmain Shorts, £371 (6) Prada Bag, £2,150 (7) Agnelle Gloves, £65 (8) Dodo Bar Or Dress, £405 (9) Etro Biker Jacket, £1,208


November 2017

Pink To Make The Boys Wink

Pink is the colour to be seen in this winter. Here’s the low down on what this season’s hue is all about:

CATWALKS: Off the scale pink at Gucci, Nina Ricci, Valentino, Miu Miu

HIGH STREET: Best pink finds at H&M, Wallis, Topshop

ONLINE: Net-a-Porter, My Theresa, ASOS, Matches, Self Portrait

SHADES OF PINK: pale, fuchsia, neon, dusky, bubblegum,

QUOTES ABOUT PINK: “I remember being mad about having pink and red shoes. I grew up envying other girls’ pink and red shoes.” – Miuccia Prada

“Why would anyone pick blue over pink? Pink is obviously a better colour.” – Kanye West

“Pink is the navy blue of India.” – Diana Vreeland

“Think pink. But don’t wear it.” – Karl Lagerfeld

PINK LEGENDS: Barbara Cartland, Barbie, Rihanna, Pink (obvs!) Duchess of Cambridge.

INSTAGRAM INSPO: Cherry blossom, peonies, pink hair, ice cream, macaroons, flamingos, cakes, lip, shoes and skies.

I’m wearing coat by Wallis and photographed by



(1) Jumpsuit £1,095 Adam Lippes (2) Sunglasses £160, Rayban (3) Jumper £560, Gucci (4) Heels £450, Jimmy Choo (5) Skirt (6) Sweater £290, Bella Freud (7) Dress £1,760 Valentino (8) Bag £1,725  Saint Laurent (9) Jacket (10) Dress £970, The Vampires Wife (11) Jeans £185, Isabel Marant (12) Jumper £395, I love Mr Mittens (13) Boots £760, Aquazzura (14) Earrings £498 Oscar De La Renta



November 2017

Skinny Minnie

Here is my low down on the accessories trend of the season. No outfit right now is complete without a skinny scarf. Here I am wearing one by Rockins. I’ve thrown it over my staple uniform which always consists of a stripy top from J Crew, Zara black jacket and jeans from Anthropologie.

HOW: This trend has been around for a few seasons now. Made famous by Kate Moss who is always seen out and about wearing her bestie Jess Morris’ brand Rockins. The skinny scarf is the ultimate in rock chic and has taken over the statement necklace on the style front. It’s come into its own this season.

WHAT: A skinny bit of patterned silk sometimes finished with tassels that fashionistas are wearing about town loose around their neck. Most definitely a look for day. Wear one at any time and think of it like a mans tie worn undone. Most designers and high street stores stock them so there are loads to choose from and varying in price.

WEAR: With a loose fitted denim shirt, t-shirt, leather biker jacket or blazer jacket. Not really to be worn with a coat as that will just over power what this little slip of a scarf is about. It’s not really a dress accessory either – too feminine!

WHO: All the cool cats – Mossy, Sienna, Fearne and Rosie. If you’re into rock chic, Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent and Parisian life then this is the accessory for you.

WITH: Attitude, smokey eye make up and a hangover. Not that I am supporting any of those characteristics in the above photos, promise!

WHY: The skinny scarf should be effortless and easy to wear so there is no ‘why’ really, only ‘when’ and that’s easy – always!

(1) Fariba Soltani, £115 (2) Fendi, £210 (3) Silken Favours, £125 (4) Marc Jacobs, £180 (5) Missoni, £360. The scarf I’m wearing is by Bella Singleton and is £120

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Sienna Miller, Fearne Cotton & Kate Moss


November 2017

Gaga For Ganni


I am literally gaga for Ganni. Not only do I love everything and anything Danish, which this brand happens to be but I also love that every piece in their collection is easy to wear, effortlessly cool and so affordable. They promise ‘date night to slouchy Sunday clothes’ and they deliver.

The Ganni girl is all about her own style, she knows it, she owns it and she doesn’t copy whats on the pages of magazines. This in my mind is exactly how fashion should be and that is why I celebrate this brand so much. We, as a nation of clothes horses have got so lost in trends, celebrity culture and what’s fashionable on the high street, that nowadays we rarely claim style as our own and get lost in all the chaos. Thankfully though with Ganni’s help we are set to do a huge 180 and return to individualism.

My whole ethos, when I am teaching people about Style is confidence – forget about trends, if it feels good when your wearing something then I promise it will look good too.  And that pretty much goes for the whole of the Ganni current collection. It is so wearable its just perfect. They have four collections a year including accessories and footwear. The current season has loads of floral and leopard print. Lace in abundance and the coolest drop waist and maxi dresses. Check out their coats, my favourite is the leather biker jacket. Chunky knits and logo t-shirts are all there too and some leather trousers called ‘passion pants’ what’s not to love?!

Ganni doesn’t have a stand alone store in London yet but you can find them at Net-a-Porter, My Theresa, ASOS, Selfridges and Browns.

(1) Muller Cardigan, £355 (2) Lott Isoli Sweatshirt, £105 (3) Ines Sunglasses, £145 (4) Maple Silk Dress, £295 (5) Harway T-shirt, £45 (6) Pierce Mesh Dress, £150 (7) Passion Pants, £415 (8) Julliard Mohair Open Back Pullover, £330 (9) Passion Biker Jacket, £390 (10) Masha Texas Boots, £190

The dress I am wearing is the Carlton Georgette Maxi and it is £190. Perfect for dressing up or down with a blazer or leather biker jacket. With heels for the evening, or trainers for the day. Statement earrings and a cross body bag and you’re away. The thing I love about this dress is the long sleeves.


October 2017

Alpine Jumpers

Now the dreaded clocks have changed and we have lost a precious hour of daylight its time to get cozy and hunker down for Winter. The only way I know I will get through this daylight deprivation and the winter blues is by wrapping myself up in the biggest knitwear trend to drop this season.  This happens to be the Alpine knit or perhaps known better to us Brits as the faire-isle sweater.

This trend, however comfortable and snuggly, is actually horrifically difficult to wear and almost impossible to look stylish in. But, do not fear, because I am here to give you a few pointers to get the vibe just right and make sure you don’t look like you’ve stepped of a Skandi crime drama, remember Sarah Lund’s jumper in The Killing? – that is not what were going for here! Instead you will be rocking your winter woolies with confidence and that knowing smile like Lady Di’s when she wore her fair lisle jumper on her honeymoon and made it so famous all those years ago.

There is such a huge choice available but they key things to remember when trying this look out is to get the fit right – anything too big and it will just be unflattering. Go for a style that is fitted but loose enough so that the print hangs properly and doesn’t cling to your body. Fabric is key, anything scratchy is going to be mega uncomfortable so go for soft wools or even better cashmere. Colour is important, make sure it suits you and don’t opt for a shade just because you like the pattern. The base overall colour is the shade that must suit your skin tone . There are also rules when it comes to pattern too, if your bigger busted make sure that the pattern is all over the jumper you choose rather than just in the bust area as that will only amplify your assets. If you’re taller then really any pattern goes and if you are petite go for a design that is just around the collar.

(1) Vince, £510 (2) Next, £28 (3) Brora, £135 (4) Toast, £145 (5) Boden, £80 (6) Sea Salt, £79.95 (7) Barbour, £139 (8) Madewell, £120 (9) ASOS, £25 (10) Victoria Beckham, £785 (11) Joseph, £295 (12) Anya Hindmarch, £695 (13) Loewe, £625 (14) Isabel Marant, £350

I think wearing jeans looks great with these jumpers as do cords and they’re really on trend this season. I also like a biker jacket thrown over the top and a short black leather skirt and opaque tights and some ankle boots is a killer day look.

Remember this is a trend and please do not mistake the Alpine look for a Crimbo jumper, I promise you there is a difference! Here I am in my Brora jumper, having a cup of tea.




August 2017

M.I.H. x Bay Garnett

Exciting project alert for Autumn Winter 17. M.I.H Jeans and Bay Garnett have created a capsule collection based on their mutual love of West London.

I live a stones throw from Golborne Road in the heart of Ladbroke Grove which is the inspiration for the collection and also the campaign was photographed there too. All very exciting for a local, like me!

Not only do I think the unique designs are epic but it also makes me super proud to be a West Londoner. Despite the tragedy and horrors of nearby Grenfell Tower fire which rocked the Borough earlier this year, I believe this collection brings hope, and breathes new life into a vibrant, multi cultural community who should be celebrated for their spirit and courage. To me this collection highlights all that is good and great about W10.

I will be the first one to be wearing my Golborne T shirt with pride.

Campaign shots by the brilliant Tom Craig

Here are my best bits from the collection… SHOP NOW
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