March 2017

Ulla Johnson

 Everybody, I have totally fallen in love.. And it’s with a totally dreamy, bohemian and divine label called Ulla Johnson. Part of my job is to constantly be on the look out for new brands for my clients and BOY have I found the best with this absolute golden nugget of a collection that’s just beginning to hit London’s finest boutiques now. It is so up my street with its chiffons, floaty florals, boho fabrics and directional denim. You are going to love it all.

The zeitgeist behind the brand, Ulla Johnson resides in New York’s Brooklyn, with her husband and three children. She set up the label in 2000 and it has grown in to the most fabulous brand selling in over 200 countries world wide. Ulla (love that name) is inspired most by travel and especially Peru who’s influence you can see running through her collections. Colours and pattern with an emphasis on artisan and handcrafting is her thing. I bet when she’s doing the school run she is by far the yummiest mummy at the school gates if this Spring collection is anything to go by.

I’m stocking up, it’s going to be perfect for Ibiza nights, Summer days in London worn with denim dungarees and a cross body bag. I love every single thing about the collection and cannot wait to full embody the Ulla Johnson look.

Bring more to these shores soon please..

Ulla Johnson is stocked at Selfridges, Avenue 32, Iris Fashion, Net a Porter


January 2017


Like everyone in the fashion world at the moment I am obsessed with this clothing brand. Literally, Rixo is THE fashion award of the season with its boho inspired vibe a la Kate Moss and its hippie nod to the sixties. I love everything about their designs. I am especially mad about the moon and stars that are scattered across the collection, so very Bowie. Also, the fit of their clothing is perfection and the prints just so wearable, refreshing and timeless.

This brand is designed and run by the dream team that is Henrietta Rix and Orlagh Mc Closkey, they met at London College of Fashion where their fairy tale began. These talented and tenacious women believe in the best of British. From design to manufacture, everything takes place on British soil. They pride themselves on perfection and it’s certainly apparent in their designs how much work has gone in to creating this innovative and unique brand. The price point is so affordable too and I just love that you can buy something so stylish for under £200.

The brand is going from strength to strength launching this season on Net-a-Porter as well as selling on their own website plus being stocked in designer boutiques such as Bluebird on London’s Kings Road in Chelsea.

If you love Vintage, the prints of Ozzie Clark, Celia Birtwell, and everything bohemian then this is the brand for you… I literally J’Adore


January 2017

Manuka Honey

So the beauty buzz word for 2017 is Manuka. It’s THE ingredient that we are going to hear a lot about in the forthcoming months. Its properties are just amazing and it really is the wonder cure for our skin. Its the new gold, frankincense and myrrh for the beauty industry and its the best gift we could ever give our skin. Mother nature always knows best.

Gathered by very busy bees from the nectar of the Manuka tree, native to New Zealand, this golden elixir is not only good enough to eat but its also the perfect remedy for our skin. Manuka contains a natural antimicrobial which stimulates wound healing making it especially good for problem skin that is prone to break outs. It also contains antibacterial properties and contains antioxidants that neutralise free radicals which are responsible for skin damage and scar tissue.

And the list goes on, it also works as a humectant which basically means drawing moisture to the skin making it hydrating, moisturizing and healing. What’s not to love?!

I am a massive advocate of natural health and beauty. So for the past month I have been testing out the Wild Fern’s Manuka Honey Radiance Renewal Facial Serum and I am seriously impressed with the results. I use it in the morning on cleansed skin and before my daily application of moisturiser. I can already see the results, an even skin tone, reduced redness and clearer looking skin and its so natural its practically good enough to eat. Contrary to what you might think from the word ‘honey’ this product doesn’t leave a sticky residue. It glides on and is absorbed quickly. I am a total convert.


December 2016


I am absolutely thrilled to be working with CB12 Mouthwash and as their Brand Ambassador. I am especially fond of one of their hero products, the excellent CB12 White mouthwash. In today’s blog post, I am challenging you all to try this wonder product in time for Christmas – the 14 day challenge is on… get whiter teeth and make it a #whitekissmass this year….

It’s a simple task, all you have to do is use the CB12 White mouthwash twice a day for fourteen days to really see a difference. It also gives you fresh breath for up to 12 hours, a total bonus at this time of year with all those Christmas parties. No boozy breath for you and you’ll be so mistletoe ready after giving CB12 a daily whirl.

Once your teeth are noticeably brighter then its time to take my advice as a stylist and employ some of Aunty Alex’s wardrobe secrets to get your pearly whites looking even brighter:

Make the most of your features – Generally, wearing the same colours as your eyes softens your skin tone and brings out your features, including your teeth, giving you that all important white smile.

White shirts are wondrous for helping the whites of your eyes and teeth stand out. Way more, than patterns which draw attention away from your face. White shirts and tops help you look super healthy and glowing.

Sequins are excellent for adding a bit of sparkly especially worn near your face. Opt for a sparkly top or jumper and watch your skin glow. Literally brilliant for brightening up your smile.

Smile as much as possible – everybody loves a smile, its catching so if you smile, the whole world smiles with you and you will spread that festive cheer all around.

CB12 is available to buy in Boots stores nationwide and is £14.59 for a 250 ml bottle. For more facts please visit their website: www.cb12.co.uk and if you would like some more tips on dressing with confidence then watch my little film below

Lusting after…

August 2016

Festival Fashion With Disney

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 07.45.21

“We are in the thick of festival season at the moment. Glastonbury and Secret Garden have been done and dusted but there’s lots more to come with Wilderness this Weekend, Bestival in September and loads of other fun weekends lined up before then. Festival fashion is one of my favourite trends to embrace and I am so excited to have partnered up with Disney lending my advice and top tips on how to look chic and cool this summer, whatever the weather.

Disney is so on trend at the mo and I have fully embraced my Mini Mouse – here’s me wearing the cutest sweatshirt from Topshop. I’m in good company because Victoria Beckham’s collection for Autumn Winter features Mini too… I spy a trend taking shape – BIG TIME… SO rush out to get your Mini or Mickey tops and be ahead of the fashion pack this festival season. Most importantly have fun dancing under the stars and have a drink and dance for me…”

1. Be creative

If you want the festival look, why not start with your nails? Have a manicure one or two days before heading off and go for a bright colour. Blue is an excellent choice as it’s on trend right now and this new Alice through the Looking Glass set gives you some great options to choose from. And remember, gold glitter on top of any colour will really add to the festival mood. Look at your favourite performers for some nail inspiration, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

2. Look after your clothes

Pack your clothes well to survive the weekend. The best way is to roll them up before laying them next to each other. If you’ve planned your outfits in advance – maybe even swapped fashion selfies with your friends to show them what you’ll be wearing – you’ll also have room for that all-important fold-up brolly.

3. Focus on your eyes

Even if you have only packed a small mirror, you can still make your eyes the centre of attention! Black waterproof mascara will help give you that fresh just-made-up look throughout the day, and avoid any potential disasters during festival downpours. If you have green, brown or hazel eyes, accentuate them with green or bronze eye-shadow shades. If you have blue eyes, purple or navy blue shades will help make your eyes stand out. Beat the British weather and look brilliant at the same time.

4. Get your footwear right

Festivals are not about heels, they’re all about fabulous flat footwear. It’s important to feel comfortable when you’re on the move and dancing the night away. Wellies, biker boots and trainers are great options. Feet can get cold and wet so pack plenty of socks, just in case – the bolder and brighter the better.

5. Keep your hands free

If you want to wave your arms in the air when your favourite band or DJ comes on stage, why not take an over-the-body cross-shoulder handbag or a rucksack with you, both of which are on trend. Raffia and statement bags are cool too, so this cute Minnie Mouse bag is great for embracing both looks in one.

6. Avoid pale colours

Avoid wearing white and pale colours. If you do go for these shades make sure they have a pattern on them to avoid showing any dirt. Grey, khaki green, denim and black are the best alternatives to keep you looking clean on the festival scene.

7. Stay fresh

Make sure you pack a collection of mini-size travel essentials.  They won’t take up much room in your rucksack and are easy to carry to the communal showers. These will help you feel fresh, clean and smell divine all day.

8. Layer up

Days can be filled with dancing and sunshine but at night in the UK temperatures can drop. It’s important to pack accordingly and layers are strongly advisable. Hoodies are a brilliant way to keep warm, and whilst the bomber jacket is this season’s look, parkas and black leather biker jackets are still holding their own in the style stakes.

9. Look for inspiration

Festival fashion can be daunting but you can easily emulate the look of top celebrity festival goers such as Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Milly Mackintosh and Cara Delavigne. Simply look at images of them on Instagram and take inspiration from their outfits before heading to your local high street stores. Alternatively, character motifs continue to be on trend. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse remain firm favourites, with this cute Minnie Mouse Crop Tee being just one example of the many products available

Festival goers can also look to these much-loved characters for wider inspiration. This season, for the Minnie Mouse look, think cutesy accessories, a turban bow in your hair, pastel or pink converse, mini-skirt, denim shorts or brightly-coloured jeans worn with a logo T-shirt and denim jacket. Top it all off with mirrored sunglasses and an across-the-body bag.

For Mickey Mouse, think edgy, cool and urban. Embrace his style by opting for some skinny ripped jeans, brightly-patterned socks worn with clashing trainers, a hoodie under a parka and some black Mickey Mouse ears.

10. Be confident

No matter what style you go for, if you feel good in what you’re wearing you’ll have bags of festival fun. Enjoy!

Disney Fashion

Makeup by Urban Decay / Bag by Primark / Sweater by Topshop / Crop Tee by Miss Selfridge / Nail Polish by RMK

Alex Longmore


June 2016


Hello, you gorgeous lot…

Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know that I take my nails very seriously. Over two years ago, I made a new year promise that I would have regular manicures which I have stuck to religiously trying out different colours every two weeks and becoming somewhat obsessed with making sure my nails look tip top at all times. So you can imagine my excitement when literally my dream job came in.. Working with Essie and Pop Sugar to create a short film in the day of my life as a stylist to celebrate the launch of the new range Essie Gel Couture. You can see me chatting below all about colour, confidence and dressing with confidence on Pop Sugar Fashion.

The film is directed by the fab duo that are Sally and Sarah from the mighty Blag Magazine who’s previous encounters include Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy.. Eek no pressure there then!!!! They were the nicest chicks ever and so patient and lovely, really making it a joy to work with them. Such zeitgeists and properly top notch at the same time, so rare in my industry – not an ego insight with these two.

I had my nails done for the shoot by the super talented Kate Cutler of Bang Bang Nails. She does everyones paws from the likes of Gigi Hadid and Missy Elliott to Kim Kardashian. Kate decided on a bright red pillar box red for me to wear which I loved and she taught me that the best thing about this new super cool Essie Gel Couture range is that it is easily applied with just two coats, no need for a base coat. You just use a luxurious top coat to finish and your off with seriously strong nails, long lasting colour and a fab colour to boot.

We shot all around my neighbourhood in Notting Hill and I had so much fun. Working with a fantastic crew, chatting on camera about my passion, wearing some seriously cool nail polish and bumping into old friends along the way.

Here is some behind the scenes shots of the day… Hope you enjoy the film. #gelcouture #essielove

Alex Longmore
For more information about Essie please visit Essie and you can buy this fab polish at SuperDrug, online and at Boots.

Take a look at Pop Sugar for super fabulous fashion, celebrity, beauty, wellbeing and style content. Celebrate your


April 2016



For all of those that follow me on Instagram you will know that I love a heart or two. I love them so much that I photograph them everywhere I go. Friends and colleagues often send me pictures of hearts and say ‘this reminded me of you’ I literally love it when that happens. Hearts are special there full of love and such positive symbols. It makes my day when I see one and you can imagine Christmas and Birthdays I am literally inundated with them.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 12.23.02

Its no surprise that the trend for Hearts this season makes me super happy, my favourite symbol has taken the fashion world by storm and is literally  emblazoned over everything.

Here are some of my best finds and next time you see a heart remember only love is real…

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.52.30
Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.56.01
Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 12.01.47
Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 12.05.28
Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 15.47.18
Above: Heart Shawl from Cashmere Rebel


March 2016

Ladies Day Grand National


It’s a week to go today until Crabbies Ladies Day at Aintree for the Grand National and I am so honoured to be the Style Ambassador for the event. I cannot wait to see what everybody is going to be wearing on race day. Ladies of Liverpool, are you ready? What a fabulous fashionable event it is going to be…

And I’m even more excited about judging the’ Best Dressed’ on the day for the mega amazing competition that’s taking place where race goers are in for the chance of winning a brand new Range Rover Evoque, literally my dream car and loads of vouchers to spend in Liverpool One. No pressure to look your best then!

This week, I myself, have been putting together my outfit. There is so much to prepare for and I thought I would share with you a few tips and helpers to get you on your way. Dressing for a big occasion can be daunting but don’t let it be. At Aintree there isn’t a strict dress code for this prestigious event so really anything goes but make sure its mega stylish if you want to be in for a chance of winning.

First golden rule is to remember to dress for you and only you. I want to see women looking and feeling a million dollars – and that comes from inside. Please remember you wear the outfit and don’t let the outfit wear you. That means, dressing in something that is flattering, elegant and above all chic. You need to shine through and not let the outfit take centre stage. More is most definitely less when it comes to dressing for success this Ladies Day. I always make sure I employ this tactic when I am dressing Celebrities for red carpet events. Its so important in my job for me to make sure they shine rather than be over powered by the outfit they’re wearing and that’s exactly how all you lovely ladies should be next Friday.

Its important to find the colour or shade to suit you. Block colours always work as do pale pastels on race day. Choose your prints carefully as these can be over powering. If you do want to go for texture, go for lace. Its so elegant and really a big trend this Spring.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 08.39.12

Above: Coast | Ted Baker | Monsoon

Always try outfits on in daylight and don’t be alarmed by shop floor lighting, this makes even a supermodel looked washed out. Try going to the front of the store nearest natural light to look in a mirror. That way you will get a true reflection on how you’re going to look on the actual day.

Remember you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good. The High Street have some amazing options and when it comes to occasional dressing they have it down to a fine art. I love dresses from Zara, Coast, Reiss and LK Bennett – just the perfect look for a Spring day. I am massive fan of dressing on a budget.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 08.47.59

Above: Topshop | LK.Bennett | Reiss | Maje

Choose a length that suits you. I love just above or on the knee. It shows enough leg to be flattering and feminine and hides just enough so that you can feel comfortable when your sitting down. And lets face it we all want to feel comfortable as well as looking our best. Comfort is so key for enjoying yourself on a great day out. That goes for shoes too. Make sure you heels are comfortable enough to walk in. There is nothing worse that sore tootsies so come prepared with gel heels, plasters and flats in your bag if needs be.

Underwear too this can make or break an outfit. I put all my clients in SPANX. I call this their support network. It helps keep everything in place and makes your outfit fall in all the right places. Oh, and by the way a new bra is just as important as your new outfit so make sure you get a brand spanking new one for the big day for that extra uplift. The right fitting bra can help you drop a dress size instantly and that’s a FACT.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 18.57.52

Above: Strapless Bra | Racerback Demi Bra | High Waisted Panty

I love fascinator hats, they are that bit of elegance that can complete your outfit. I much prefer them to hats and think they are far more flattering. I love ones with feathers and a bit of structure. You can wear your hair up or down with them and whats even better is you don’t have to worry about your face shape as fascinators suit everyone.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 19.05.03

Above: CC | John LewisJane Taylor | Jane Taylor

Go for a clutch bag or an over the body bag. Having one of these means you’ve got your hands free for other much more important things such as studying your race cards and drinking a glass of champagne. Heaven forbid a handbag would get in the way of such important activities.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 19.16.17

Above: Green Wilbur & Gussie | Edie Parker Anchor | Lilac LK. Bennett | Red LK.Bennett | Aruna Seth Butterfly

Heres my little box of must haves for the day:

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 18.32.46

Umbrella | Gel Cushions | Ballet Pumps | Hair Grips | Mirror Compact | Blister Pads | Nude Underwear | Sunglasses | Nude Tights

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 09.03.23

Above: Miranda Kerr | Kate Middleton | Colleen Rooney | Victoria Beckham | Laura Whitmore & Millie Mackintosh

Alex Longmore


February 2016

Charity Stars



I am excited to announce that for this forthcoming London Fashion Week I have teamed up with Charity Stars, the leading online auction site to offer a very lucky bidder to win the chance to sit FROW with me at the Amanda Wakeley show which takes place in London on the 23rd February  It will be a fashion filled morning watching the show from the best seats in the house, next to the worlds leading fashionistas and celebrities. After the show, I will be on hand to offer fashion tips and advice over a ‘skinny latte’ or glass of champagne on all things fashion related. A one hundred percent unique experience. 


I specifically chose the Amanda Wakeley show to attend with a guest, as I wanted to celebrate women within the fashion industry – the ultimate in girl power. Amanda is a leading female designer.  Her designs are timeless and elegant and her longstanding foothold in the industry is a testament to how hard she has worked to become one of the worlds leading brands. She celebrates and understands the female figure like no other designer.  Amanda is the ultimate business woman, iconic designer and zeitgeist. This season the brand have employed another influential and successful female, Ella Woodward, wellness guru, healthy chief and all round goddess as the face of the brand.




This is such a nice fit with the charity that we will be raising funds for on the day Women for Women International. This excelling charity supports women in countries affected by war and conflict and provides them with life changing skills to move from crisis and poverty to stability and economic self-sufficiency. At this time, with the world in crisis, this charity is busier than ever and I hope that by my adding a sprinkling of glamour with this unique prize that this experience can help make the world go around that bit better and help women across the globe.

So if you would like to bid for this unique one off fashion fabulous prize press this LINK to be directed through to the live auction. Also, Charity Stars are the most epic portal to securing some amazing money can’t buy prizes. Follow them on their social media to be up to date with more unique events. (Instagram & Twitter)

Good Luck and hopefully I will be seeing you FROW very soon for the ultimate in GIRL POWER but until then…

Alex Longmore


October 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 23.58.48

Hi Peeps, I always like to share my finds with you and today it’s a beauty post on the most awesome facial in London. I can honestly say the Biologique Recherche facial I had at EF MediSpa on Kensington Church Street was up there with the best i have ever had. Talk about Hollywood Oscar Red Carpet Ready skin in one hour!

My story is not different from the usual beauty features you read.. I went in looking like a haggard old witch with dehydrated skin and puffy eyes. By the time I left it felt refreshed,toned and defined. Now, people always write that kind of stuff and it’s a tad infuriating as its so rarely  true, especially after just an hour and half on the therapists bed. But… REALLY… this time, its true, I did leave glowing with so much more definition. Cheek bones that were pronounced and the best thing was my skin just got better and better over the weeks that followed.

I have decided instead of giving you a run down of my experience in minute detail to let the lovely Facialist Amie who transformed my skin to tell you all about how she achieved this mini miracle in her own words, after all she is the one who worker her magic with her sensational technique and Biologique Recherche products on hand. Oh, and if you want to know what celebs are into this brand and treatments, it’s quite uber – Victoria Beckham, Angelina, Brad, J-Lo and Madge to name a few.

Over to Amie to explain more:

How did you decide on the type of facial you gave me? What goes into choosing the bespoke facials at BR and what signs were you looking for on or under my skin to determine this?

Prior to every facial  a thorough analysis of the ‘skin Instant’ is evaluated and this determines the best course of treatment to balance, strengthen and repair. I would be looking at oil secretion, Lipid production, pigmentation, elasticity, sensitivity and hydration levels.

I love the fact that the facial acted as a lymphatic drainage tool and my face looked more defined and less puffy afterwards. How do you get this result and what techniques do you use?

The Biologique Recherche facial is a series of very specific and precise movements. These actions follow the Lymph system and facial muscles with carefully measured pressure to stimulate and contour.

The product you used on me were divine and made my skin glow for days after. What products did you use on me and why?

All products from Biologique Recherche contain marine, biological and botanical extracts. Contains high concentrations and high quality ingredients.

No artificial fragrances are added to ensure the integrity of the formula is preserved. All our products are created with cold formulations, this enables the original structure of the active ingredients are not altered in any way. The treatment performed was Lift CVS along with our Remodelling Face machine, this treatment was chosen to exfoliate, restructure, hydrate and protect. The added benefit of having electrical currents from galvanic, high frequency, and medium frequency assist in product penetration and giving the facial muscles a good work out for a more sculpted and lifted appearance.

What would you say are some key tips when it comes to looking after ones skin? What can I do at home to keep looking so radiant?

The most important factor in keeping up the effects of a professional treatment is to ensure the proper use of home care. Knowing and understanding what your skin is telling you. Our skin can change from the moment we wake until we go to bed at night, having a monthly maintenance facial will ensure the correct products are being used for whatever your skin maybe going through whether it is adjusting to external or internal factors, it’s important to keep up with the changes and treat your ‘Skin Instant’

Biologique Recherche methodology has a reputation for astounding effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care using intentionally pure, concentrated, raw ingredients as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures.

This is the first brand I have worked with, which is truly tailored to each individual concern enabling therapists to become biochemists in their treatment room, educating to give their client an individual prescription for results. Each specific movement, technique and protocol has been expertly created with skin in mind understanding this organ is directly connected to all the others.

Here’s a snap of me glowing with cheek bones getting my beauty sleep the day I had my fab facial. Go on give it a try and get your glow on: www.biologiquerechercheuk.co.uk

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 17.27.07

Alex Longmore


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