Girl Power, Violins & that 6:15AM Robe Life.

March 18, 2018

My Morning Routine

– by Rebekah Abdeen | Head of Cycle at Core Collective and Founder of We are 5

I’m all about a structured morning routine, so it’s 5:30AM and alarm 1 of 3 rings around my bedroom. I actually set the 1st of my alarms on the Sonos speaker and wake up to the track ‘La Ritournelle’ by ‘Sebastien Tellier’, miraculously the sound of a strong piano and multiple violins at some ungodly hour makes for a day of mystical proportions. By the time wake-up call number 2 rings out, which is usually the metallic tones of Apple, my dog is now trotting directly toward my face and at least one of my limbs is dangling out from the duvet. I generally feel alive if I jump in the shower, this doesn’t necessarily mean a hair wash takes place at 5:45AM unless I’m required to be in front of a camera that day but since I’ll be sweating out my entire body weight in a couple of hours, who even cares?!

A good lather up in Aesop Geranium Leaf body cleanser gives me just enough spa vibes to balance my soul; my face however is what requires the most attention. After a solid cleanse and tone, I systematically apply La Mer Gel Cream, though I intermittently switch to Creme de la Mer depending on the severity of my skin struggles – La Mer has definitely become my go to over the past 12 months. I top this with Kiehl’s Avocado eye cream and Nars Radiance Primer, it’s now 6AM, I’m finally glowing and SPF protected. At 6:15AM, Yorkshire Tea in hand, I’m ready to clothe myself, though at this stage of the morning, the relationship with my Soho House robe seems far too intimate to replace.



Despite having worked in the fitness industry for 10 years, my style is definitely not what most would consider “fitness”, I’m a true tomboy and a dedicated follower of fashion. Generally I’ll go for something P.E Nation, a brand I’m currently obsessed with; the founders Pip and Claire are the embodiment of girl-power! I’ll likely team it with Perfect Moment, they have some great activewear pieces along with their impressive ski collection – I always like to mix and match my look. If it’s not raining I’ll throw on my Louis Vuitton Arch Lights (a recent investment), otherwise it’s classic Air Max ’97 and off I got to Core Collective, armed with a banana.

Once I’m at work the morning fuel takes place, and by 6:45AM my body is in need of a Press London Immunity Shot; lemon, ginger, garlic and cayenne pepper save me every day – I’m convinced this is the magic solution to virus fighting. I then follow up, depending on my mood with a small bowl of coconut porridge, coconut cappuccino and drop 2 Phizz tablets into my water.


Various other Cycle tasks along with playlist adjustments for my morning classes commence at 7:15AM and as early as 8:30AM, the first dedicated Core Collective Cycle fans are on the hustle for their ‘Front Row’ bikes; there is still an entire hour before my first class begins! My hair goes up into a trademark high plait, I switch my sneakers for cleated shoes – it’s go time.

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All photos by the amazing photographer Sara Mc Kinnon

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Alex xx