If The Shoe Fits

May 21, 2018

– by Katie Harland | Founder of Rogue Matilda Shoes

Super excited to interview shoe designer and founder, Katie Harland of Rogue Matilda. I love her brand. I am a massive fan of flat shoes, much preferring them over heels!

Lets walk and talk with her and find out more…

Favourite desination to walk to and why?

I would have to say the Albert Bridge. It’s just too beautiful. I also love anywhere along the river in general, which probably stems from my first job in London as I used to get the boat to work in Canary Wharf. It was amazing on a commute to go past all the sites in London you rarely see as a resident – the London Eye, Parliament, City Hall, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge… It makes you fall in love with the city all over again.

If you could be in anybody else’s shoes who would it be and why?

Kirsty Young. I think she’s got the best job in the country!

What is your favourite shoe from your current line and why?

From the current collection I would say the Bonbon brogue. I love the idea that a predominately masculine shoe could be so wonderfully feminine, and the suede upper means that they are buttery soft even when worn without a sock.

How did you come up with the name for your brand?

The word ‘rogue’ was something that materialised pretty organically. Initially I was making brogues for women but with a playful twist – brogues gone rogue – and I like the way that word was spelt almost the same ‘brogue’ (can you tell I used to work in advertising?!). Matilda is my middle name, albeit not in an instantly recognisable way. It also helps me in terms of design and marketing as I’ve built up a picture in my head of who ‘Matilda’ is, what she would wear and where she would go etc.

If you could walk and talk who would it be with and what would you chat about?

I would love to walk along a beach in England with Dawn French. I’ve always been a huge fan of hers and totally fell in love with her attitude to life after listening to her on Desert Island Discs.

First accessory you ever bought and why?

I’m not sure this counts as an accessory (although I definitely felt that it was at the time!) but I had an amazing red fluffy pencil case at school that was my pride and joy.

If you could step into someone’s shoes for the day who would it be and what would you do?

I would go back to 1997, step into Mel B’s buffalo boots and go on tour with the Spice Girls. It would obviously be infinitely better if four of my friends could also step into the other Spice Girls shoes too, but I would absolutely love to go into hair and makeup and get dressed up in their tour outfits before performing to a sold out arena. The atmosphere would be electric and there would be no smart phone screens!

Do you remember your first pair of shoes, what were they etc?

I don’t remember my first pair of shoes but I remember dying for a pair of Kickers brown loafers at school when I was 8. Mum wouldn’t let me have them because they had a high heel so I was stuck in my black Rhinos, but I think that’s the first time I really craved a certain shoe. Hilarious when you think how ugly they are!

Stepping in or out?

100% stepping out. If I was to go out nothing beats a session in a good English pub with a large group of friends, followed by a bit of dancing and a pizza (what can I say – I’m a cheap date)

If you could see anybody wearing your shoes who would it be and why?

Iris Apfel. Something I’ve found since starting the brand it that style is more state of mind than a skill and is totally ageless. Style also doesn’t mean dressing in paired down, expensive designer clothing or identically to every other fashion blogger on instagram who religiously follow trends. Iris Apfel is 96 years young and still dresses with more panache than anyone else I know. This humorous and experimental approach to fashion is something I really admire and I like to utilise and experiment with in my designs

Tootsie Black | Bon Bon | Tutti Frutti | Lovers Black | Starstruck Powder Blue

With huge, special thanks to @saramckinnonphotography for capturing Katie. Shot in Battersea. April 2018