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October 31, 2015

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Hi Peeps, I always like to share my finds with you and today it’s a beauty post on the most awesome facial in London. I can honestly say the Biologique Recherche facial I had at EF MediSpa on Kensington Church Street was up there with the best i have ever had. Talk about Hollywood Oscar Red Carpet Ready skin in one hour!

My story is not different from the usual beauty features you read.. I went in looking like a haggard old witch with dehydrated skin and puffy eyes. By the time I left it felt refreshed,toned and defined. Now, people always write that kind of stuff and it’s a tad infuriating as its so rarely  true, especially after just an hour and half on the therapists bed. But… REALLY… this time, its true, I did leave glowing with so much more definition. Cheek bones that were pronounced and the best thing was my skin just got better and better over the weeks that followed.

I have decided instead of giving you a run down of my experience in minute detail to let the lovely Facialist Amie who transformed my skin to tell you all about how she achieved this mini miracle in her own words, after all she is the one who worker her magic with her sensational technique and Biologique Recherche products on hand. Oh, and if you want to know what celebs are into this brand and treatments, it’s quite uber – Victoria Beckham, Angelina, Brad, J-Lo and Madge to name a few.

Over to Amie to explain more:

How did you decide on the type of facial you gave me? What goes into choosing the bespoke facials at BR and what signs were you looking for on or under my skin to determine this?

Prior to every facial  a thorough analysis of the ‘skin Instant’ is evaluated and this determines the best course of treatment to balance, strengthen and repair. I would be looking at oil secretion, Lipid production, pigmentation, elasticity, sensitivity and hydration levels.

I love the fact that the facial acted as a lymphatic drainage tool and my face looked more defined and less puffy afterwards. How do you get this result and what techniques do you use?

The Biologique Recherche facial is a series of very specific and precise movements. These actions follow the Lymph system and facial muscles with carefully measured pressure to stimulate and contour.

The product you used on me were divine and made my skin glow for days after. What products did you use on me and why?

All products from Biologique Recherche contain marine, biological and botanical extracts. Contains high concentrations and high quality ingredients.

No artificial fragrances are added to ensure the integrity of the formula is preserved. All our products are created with cold formulations, this enables the original structure of the active ingredients are not altered in any way. The treatment performed was Lift CVS along with our Remodelling Face machine, this treatment was chosen to exfoliate, restructure, hydrate and protect. The added benefit of having electrical currents from galvanic, high frequency, and medium frequency assist in product penetration and giving the facial muscles a good work out for a more sculpted and lifted appearance.

What would you say are some key tips when it comes to looking after ones skin? What can I do at home to keep looking so radiant?

The most important factor in keeping up the effects of a professional treatment is to ensure the proper use of home care. Knowing and understanding what your skin is telling you. Our skin can change from the moment we wake until we go to bed at night, having a monthly maintenance facial will ensure the correct products are being used for whatever your skin maybe going through whether it is adjusting to external or internal factors, it’s important to keep up with the changes and treat your ‘Skin Instant’

Biologique Recherche methodology has a reputation for astounding effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care using intentionally pure, concentrated, raw ingredients as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures.

This is the first brand I have worked with, which is truly tailored to each individual concern enabling therapists to become biochemists in their treatment room, educating to give their client an individual prescription for results. Each specific movement, technique and protocol has been expertly created with skin in mind understanding this organ is directly connected to all the others.

Here’s a snap of me glowing with cheek bones getting my beauty sleep the day I had my fab facial. Go on give it a try and get your glow on: www.biologiquerechercheuk.co.uk

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Alex Longmore