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Festival Fashion with Disney

August 4, 2016

Festival Fashion With Disney

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“We are in the thick of festival season at the moment. Glastonbury and Secret Garden have been done and dusted but there’s lots more to come with Wilderness this Weekend, Bestival in September and loads of other fun weekends lined up before then. Festival fashion is one of my favourite trends to embrace and I am so excited to have partnered up with Disney lending my advice and top tips on how to look chic and cool this summer, whatever the weather.

Disney is so on trend at the mo and I have fully embraced my Mini Mouse – here’s me wearing the cutest sweatshirt from Topshop. I’m in good company because Victoria Beckham’s collection for Autumn Winter features Mini too… I spy a trend taking shape – BIG TIME… SO rush out to get your Mini or Mickey tops and be ahead of the fashion pack this festival season. Most importantly have fun dancing under the stars and have a drink and dance for me…”

1. Be creative

If you want the festival look, why not start with your nails? Have a manicure one or two days before heading off and go for a bright colour. Blue is an excellent choice as it’s on trend right now and this new Alice through the Looking Glass set gives you some great options to choose from. And remember, gold glitter on top of any colour will really add to the festival mood. Look at your favourite performers for some nail inspiration, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

2. Look after your clothes

Pack your clothes well to survive the weekend. The best way is to roll them up before laying them next to each other. If you’ve planned your outfits in advance – maybe even swapped fashion selfies with your friends to show them what you’ll be wearing – you’ll also have room for that all-important fold-up brolly.

3. Focus on your eyes

Even if you have only packed a small mirror, you can still make your eyes the centre of attention! Black waterproof mascara will help give you that fresh just-made-up look throughout the day, and avoid any potential disasters during festival downpours. If you have green, brown or hazel eyes, accentuate them with green or bronze eye-shadow shades. If you have blue eyes, purple or navy blue shades will help make your eyes stand out. Beat the British weather and look brilliant at the same time.

4. Get your footwear right

Festivals are not about heels, they’re all about fabulous flat footwear. It’s important to feel comfortable when you’re on the move and dancing the night away. Wellies, biker boots and trainers are great options. Feet can get cold and wet so pack plenty of socks, just in case – the bolder and brighter the better.

5. Keep your hands free

If you want to wave your arms in the air when your favourite band or DJ comes on stage, why not take an over-the-body cross-shoulder handbag or a rucksack with you, both of which are on trend. Raffia and statement bags are cool too, so this cute Minnie Mouse bag is great for embracing both looks in one.

6. Avoid pale colours

Avoid wearing white and pale colours. If you do go for these shades make sure they have a pattern on them to avoid showing any dirt. Grey, khaki green, denim and black are the best alternatives to keep you looking clean on the festival scene.

7. Stay fresh

Make sure you pack a collection of mini-size travel essentials.  They won’t take up much room in your rucksack and are easy to carry to the communal showers. These will help you feel fresh, clean and smell divine all day.

8. Layer up

Days can be filled with dancing and sunshine but at night in the UK temperatures can drop. It’s important to pack accordingly and layers are strongly advisable. Hoodies are a brilliant way to keep warm, and whilst the bomber jacket is this season’s look, parkas and black leather biker jackets are still holding their own in the style stakes.

9. Look for inspiration

Festival fashion can be daunting but you can easily emulate the look of top celebrity festival goers such as Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Milly Mackintosh and Cara Delavigne. Simply look at images of them on Instagram and take inspiration from their outfits before heading to your local high street stores. Alternatively, character motifs continue to be on trend. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse remain firm favourites, with this cute Minnie Mouse Crop Tee being just one example of the many products available

Festival goers can also look to these much-loved characters for wider inspiration. This season, for the Minnie Mouse look, think cutesy accessories, a turban bow in your hair, pastel or pink converse, mini-skirt, denim shorts or brightly-coloured jeans worn with a logo T-shirt and denim jacket. Top it all off with mirrored sunglasses and an across-the-body bag.

For Mickey Mouse, think edgy, cool and urban. Embrace his style by opting for some skinny ripped jeans, brightly-patterned socks worn with clashing trainers, a hoodie under a parka and some black Mickey Mouse ears.

10. Be confident

No matter what style you go for, if you feel good in what you’re wearing you’ll have bags of festival fun. Enjoy!

Disney Fashion

Makeup by Urban Decay / Bag by Primark / Sweater by Topshop / Crop Tee by Miss Selfridge / Nail Polish by RMK

Alex Longmore