May 26, 2017


Girlboss on Netflix is THE new Sex in The City, certainly for wardrobe credentials anyway. It is the most stylish thing to hit our screens, well, since Carry made Manolo Blahnik every girls dream shoe back in the 2000’s. The show is all about how Sophia Amoruso made it in the US of A as the Queen of eBay and literally went from rags to riches over night (with a lot of false starts) selling her vintage finds over the internet and being one of the first to have an online presence with her own e-store. Her autobiography, #nastygal sold millions of copies and made her a modern day female entrepreneur and a serious figure to behold in the fashion world today.

Sophia is played by the stunning Britt Robertson, her character is a tiny bit flouncy for my liking, she huffs and puffs a lot and does a lot of stomping around on set. The storyline is obviously good for any fashionista but to my mind, its a bit bland in parts. It’s is the costumes that really steal the show. Literally Sophia wardrobe is to die for. I want every single article of clothing in her closet. Her style is off the scale and I would pay serious money to find a leather jacket like the one that becomes so iconic in the series.

I’ve done a bit of research in to how to get Sophia’s style, some are the exact replicas of what she is wearing in the film and well, some are just so damn near to her style that it might as well be what she is wearing.

10) Sunglasses 11) Waistcoat 12) Boots 13) Jacket 14) Necklace 15) Jumpsuit 16) T-Shirt 17) Shorts 18) Boots

Get involved and embrace the Amoruso look… ENJOY xx