Looking at

Meghan and Harry, on their matching wardrobes..

March 9, 2020

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrive at Mansion House in London. Wearing matching blue outfits.

Did you spot it? Did you notice Harry’s suit lining, the exact same green as Meghan’s Emilia Wickstead dress she wore today to the Queens Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey. This last week alone we have seen more matching outfits doned by these two than Posh and Becks wore back in the day.

First we had the blue Victoria by Victoria Beckham dress Meghan wore to Mansion House, with Harry wearing a complimentary a blue tonal suit and a tie that perfectly bought out the blue of Meghan’s dress. So styled was ‘their look’ that they could be mistaken for models on a set filming a Barlcay’s Bank commercial.

Then came the regal red matching look worn to the Mountbatten Festival of Music at The Royal Albert Hall . Harry wearing his Captain General of The Royal Marines uniform for the last time as a serving Royal, a position he will relinquish on the 31st March. Meghan in her complimentary red long cape dress by Safiyaa, her matching shoes and handbag. The effect of these two in red, simply mega and hugely powerful.

And today for the very last look of them as acting Royals we see them complimenting each other tonally, this time Meghan in green and Harry’s suit lining being in exactly the same shade as her dress. Coincidence I don’t think so, these two have been styled to an inch of their life. There’s more synergy to their look than a famous footballers wedding on the front page of Hello Magazine.

However, this week’s wardrobe choice doesn’t mark the first time this dynamic duo have dressed in either matching tones or complimentary colours. They have been ‘matching smatching’ since day one of their Royal journey, its just got way more technicolor of late! If you look back we’ve see them in Ireland – Meghan wearing green, Harry in a green tie. Both wrapped up in grey cashmere on various walk abouts, matching navy coats on winters days, monochrome looks in South Africa, even that money shot of the couple Four Weddings style Australia under the umbrella wearing, you guessed it – matching grey! On their tour in Morocco Harry even matched his tie to Meghan’s pale pink shoes. Archie’s christening saw the couple in matching neutral tones. Both doning sunglasses and navy, pale blue dresses and pale blue ties.. The list goes on and on, even Archie got in on the act wearing blue to compliment his parents navy choices in South Africa.

But what is it really about? I think the message is pretty clear and strong. Its screaming, were united, we are as one even our appearances are the same. It goes deeper too, its about complimenting each other in everything they do, feeling secure in their beliefs by mirroring each other and of course looking good for the cameras. How different that shot of them arriving at the Royal Albert Hall the other night would have been if Meghan had decided to wear another colour instead of red. A darker colour, a pattern for example. The impact for front page news would not have been so great and there Stylist knows that and I really truly believe this couple share the same one.

There style is imperative to the new brand they are creating. They want to be a world power house couple, centre stage and they are really trying to portray that message with their complimentary outfit choices. There tenacious in their matching outfits. Be it in a slightly insecure manner. Its not imperative to dress the same, nor is it to compliment each others fashion choices by mimicking them. Its never really worked in the past for celebrity couples that have tried this and it doesn’t mean you are more united if you choose to compliment each others choices. Its actually famously naive. Think back to other celebrity couples that have employed this tactic, need I remind Harry and Meghan of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake denim choice way back in 2001. Of course Harry and Meghan are projecting their look in a much more glamorous and stylish way perhaps suited to a magazine fashion shoot than the paparazzi lenses that follow their every move.