December 11, 2016


I am absolutely thrilled to be working with CB12 Mouthwash and as their Brand Ambassador. I am especially fond of one of their hero products, the excellent CB12 White mouthwash. In today’s blog post, I am challenging you all to try this wonder product in time for Christmas – the 14 day challenge is on… get whiter teeth and make it a #whitekissmass this year….

It’s a simple task, all you have to do is use the CB12 White mouthwash twice a day for fourteen days to really see a difference. It also gives you fresh breath for up to 12 hours, a total bonus at this time of year with all those Christmas parties. No boozy breath for you and you’ll be so mistletoe ready after giving CB12 a daily whirl.

Once your teeth are noticeably brighter then its time to take my advice as a stylist and employ some of Aunty Alex’s wardrobe secrets to get your pearly whites looking even brighter:

Make the most of your features – Generally, wearing the same colours as your eyes softens your skin tone and brings out your features, including your teeth, giving you that all important white smile.

White shirts are wondrous for helping the whites of your eyes and teeth stand out. Way more, than patterns which draw attention away from your face. White shirts and tops help you look super healthy and glowing.

Sequins are excellent for adding a bit of sparkly especially worn near your face. Opt for a sparkly top or jumper and watch your skin glow. Literally brilliant for brightening up your smile.

Smile as much as possible – everybody loves a smile, its catching so if you smile, the whole world smiles with you and you will spread that festive cheer all around.

CB12 is available to buy in Boots stores nationwide and is £14.59 for a 250 ml bottle. For more facts please visit their website: and if you would like some more tips on dressing with confidence then watch my little film below