January 31, 2018

Having just come back from an epic trip to Los Angeles I am obsessed with all things Californian.  Especially the interiors, the fashion, the juices and of course, the weather  – I literally love everything about LA.

This US brand Tobi is helping keeping my holiday blues at bay as they now ship to the UK. Its an online retail site based in Los Angeles and they are one of the biggest retailers of all things cool and Californian. With an amazing price point and pages that scroll on forever it’s the perfect antidote for me missing Abbot Kinney Boulevard and wishing I was still there shopping.

I’m especially fond of Tobi’s denim collection which is just brilliant and it’s very wearable and they do that ‘off duty’ look so well. Its true when they say ‘ we mix function with style, creating clothes that are cute, sexy, effortlessly cool and comfy’. Their offices don’t looks so bad either and you can take a virtual trip around it by watching the video below.

Right, I’m off to check the post and see if my next Tobi package has arrived – no more winter blues for me with this dropping through my letter box on a regular basis.

Above: Amanda Plaid Shirt, Maverick Chambray Shift Dress, Cross My Mind Plaid Shirt

I’m wearing my Deep End Distressed Sweater in black above.

Alex XX