Zoë Kravitz thrift style in the new TV series, High Fidelity is a No.1 Hit.

May 4, 2020

OK, so the remake of Nick Hornby’s 1995 book and the 2000 John Cusack Movie is beyond epic. The new series High Fidelity on Hula stars Zoë Kravitz as the achingly cool ‘Rob’ who owns a Viynl records store in the hipster area of Brooklyn, New York.

During the series, she talks us through her five top five heartbreaks. There’s a lot of chat direct to camera, some seriously fit ex boyfriends on screen and the bit that most interests me, the unbelievably cool outfits Zoë wears throughout. This series is style personified, helped of course by Kravitz who lets face it could wear anything, even a paper bag and look good.

Most of the outfits Kravitz wears in the series, and there arnt loads of them are believable and tenacious to the character. Its absolutely what you would imagine her character, Rob wearing. Thats what makes them so damn good. Bought on a budget, not much money, clothes used as an expression of her art, that kind of thing.

I also think the underlying message portrayed in this series is one of morality. Ninety percent of the outfits worn by Kravitz on screen are unique, mostly thrift, vintage finds and from charity stores. Theres no fast fashion items portrayed and only a splattering of designer wears. The message is clear – its cool to be sustainable, like really hip. Its so refreshing.

It came as no surprise to me that Zoë was so involved in helping the Costume Designer, Colleen Atwood out that they trawled thrift stores and markets together to find the perfect outfits for Kravitz character. Zoë combined bits from her own wardrobe – a Saint Laurent mini skirt, Helmut Lang boots and t -shirts and mixed it with Colleen’s vintage finds.

Mark my words, this show will do for ’90’s throw back thrift fashion’, what Carrie Bradshaw’s character in Sex and the City did for Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Most of the looks in the show can be recreated with a little help. I’ve put some together for you. Im focusing what you can buy online right now but when things get back to normal, I encourage you to get searching in your local charity shops or by visiting vintage markets to re create this 90’s vibey look. FYI, the clothes worn on the actual show came from Manhattan Vintage, Beacon’s Closet, Buffalo Exchange, Goodwill Resurrection and Forty Five Ten.

Ive put the looks together for you below, using a super easy to use App called Own Kind, its a Stylists secret weapon. Its basically a duplicate of your wardrobe online. You can upload all the items by a click of a smart phone camera, then catalogue them, create outfits in your virtual wardrobe. Its super simple to use and you can play around with putting your pre exisiting outfits together and say, if you did want to buy something new, you can try it virtually first, just snap it, upload and see how it matches with stuff in your existing wardrobe. Ultimately Own Kind saves you time, money and helps to make you that bit more stylish, all at a click of a button.

Heres the stockists with direct links to the items I’ve used, nothings sponsored, just style advice from an expert:

Cos, H&M, True Vintage, Capucinne, Claires Accessories, Missoma, Gucci, Dickies, La Redoute, M&S, Vans, Top Shop, Prada, American Vintage, Sundance, Burberry, Carhartt, Bella Freud, Calvin Klein

Enjoy xx